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Vow of Poverty Release Prayer

Vow of Poverty Release Prayer
by Alicia Tucker

Hi Universal Heavenly Father and Mother
with the loving healing energy of your angels,
& My soul guardian angel with other etheric energies,
& With my open heart and

my divine soul,
I would like to
kindly express my gratitude for
the wonderful and
unique experiences my soul has
created and been granted in
all dimensional times and places. 

As I have journeyed far and near
I learned many things and
accepted many things that
have served me well at certain
times and in certain spaces.  

I recognize in this lifetime and
in other lifetimes the vow of Poverty
no longer serves me for my highest purpose.  
I also appreciate this Vow has offered
me lessons on many levels and
I know that I have learned and
accepted all the lessons that are
associated with this vow
in all dimensions and time spaces.  

I now ask in all times and in all
dimensions that this
pact, contract and vow be removed
from my auric and chakra rings so
I may live a life of freedom which
offers me direct connection to
my own heart of my divine soul.   
Within this divine soul heart space
I know I am connected to all
I ever need and all I know. 
I am a unique soul within
the consciousness of the universe
fully flowing peacefully and harmoniously
through many journeys and experiences!  

I release my vows of Poverty from
this breath forward! 
I release internally any of my Vows of Poverty
from this breath in all dimensions & all times! 
I release in my auric and charkic fields
any of my Vows of Poverty in all dimensions & all times! 
I release all karmic ties to any of my Vows of Poverty
from this breath forward!

I know this is done! 
I am love! 
I am whole! 
I am breath!

Forever in flow with
direct source consciousness

Amen (so it is true),
      Alleluia (I celebrate this and send with energy),
               Namaste (from my divine soul)

Written by Alicia Tucker guided by the Creators of all of us to share to all of humanity!
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